What is a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation.

What does a Home Inspection include?

The standard Home Inspector’s report will cover the condition of the home’s heating system; central air conditioning system (temperature permitting); interior plumbing and electrical systems; the roof, attic and visible insulation; walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors; the foundation, basement and structural components.

Do I have to be present during the Home Inspection?

While it’s not required that you be present for the inspection, it is highly recommended. You will be able to observe the inspector and ask questions as you learn about the condition of the home and how to maintain it.

What is Wind Mitigation?

Wind Mitigation is the use of standardized building methods meant to minimize damage caused by high winds. This inexpensive inspection can provide you instant savings on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What are the incentives for Wind Mitigation?

  • Discounts on your insurance premium, depending on location.
  • Ensures a home can survive wind based damage.

Why is a Four Point Inspection needed?

The Four Point Inspection is often a required inspection in order to obtain (or maintain) insurance coverage. The inspection requirements were designed by insurance companies, in order to get a better understanding of the structure they are insuring.

What does a Four Point Inspection consist of?

A visual inspection of the following:

  • HVAC System (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
  • Roof System
  • Plumbing System
  • Electrical System

What happens if the Four Point Inspection discovers a deficiency?

Many conditions that are reported on a Four Point Inspection may be a problem for some insurance carriers, but may NOT be a problem for YOUR insurance carrier.

This is where the expertise of your insurance agent is so important. It’s your trusted insurance agent that can help confirm and clarify whether or not a system needs to be repaired, updated, or replaced; or if after reviewing a reputable Four Point Inspection, perhaps you should be placed with a different insurance company with underwriting guidelines that better fit your situation.

If the Four Point Inspection deficiency is fixed, do I have to schedule another inspection?

Not if the deficiency has been fixed by a licensed contractor. Once we receive documentation with the required repairs, and with the company's letterhead, we will revise the Four Point Inspection report.

What is a Roof Certification Inspection?

A Roof Certification Inspection is a visual inspection of the roof covering. The inspection is sometimes required by insurance companies, to verify the remaining useful life of the roof system.

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